Providing nutrients to your lawn
Raking out the thatch
Dealing with any potential pests that can be harboring in your soil
Got the job done quickly and effectively

Help your grass to be impeccable with our service of “scratching” the surface of the ground to break up and remove the remains of roots and leaves that accumulate. This is a good idea because it prevents water from passing to the roots which can generate fungi and damage the grass.

Your lawn requires the utmost care in order to not only look clean and beautiful but healthy as well. One common problem within lawns is the thatch. The thatch is a layer of organic material that has grown above the topsoil and within the blades of grass on your lawn.

We here at A&C Landscaping LLC understand the value of your lawn and will be able to provide the help you need in order to help out your lawn. We will be able to respond to your queries and reach you to receive a quality dethatching for a good deal.